Corporate Social Responsibility & Sustainability

August 29, 2013 was a landmark judgment on CSR 2014 being passed by the Indian Parliament.

In India, the concept of CSR is governed by Section 135 of the Companies Act, 1956, which requires companies with an annual turnover of 1,000 crore INR and more, or a net worth of 500 crore INR and more, or a net profit of 5 crore INR and more to allocate 2% of the net profit towards CSR expenditure.

Corporations developing their first organized strategic CSR program may be uncertain where to turn for sound advice. Strategic development, planning, executing and monitoring/ reporting CSR policies and initiatives can be one of the most daunting tasks a company can undertake.

The answer to your solution to this daunting task is Brandspec. We offer 100% CSR compliance and hassle free execution to any organization new to the world of Corporate Social Responsibility.

We create customized CSR strategies with holistic approach and integration to your core business strategies, alignment to your company’s values, expertise, products, stakeholder expectations and long-term vision. These strategies with effective implementation will lead to a long-lasting change within communities you work entailing strategic business benefits.

Its time to give back to the community that makes you.. defines you… and we are there to make this journey meaningful and experiential.