Experiential Marketing

True experiential marketing has evolved

“It’s the difference between telling people about features of a product or services and letting them experience the benefits for themselves. When done right, its the most powerful tool out there to win brand loyalty.”

A great experiential marketing or experience marketing campaign triggers and indulges the senses, transporting brands from a collection of one dimensional value to a full 4D experience. We create dialogue and invite conversation.

Consumers no longer want the mundane, they want something which gets them interacting with the brand and rewarded for their loyalty. Experiential marketing and experience marketing is increasingly becoming the back bone to many marketing plans, evoking memorable feelings and creating an emotional connection with the consumer. It could be said that in many instances it has been and is more effective in changing behavior and opinions – over any other form of marketing.

Our experiential marketing CAMPAIGNS

Eventsource’s experiential marketing campaigns have and always will deliver whatever your brief is, whether it’s to increase brand awareness & media relations, launch a new product/ brand, increase or support in-store sales, shift consumer attitudes & behaviors, improve customer loyalty or build/ revitalize relationships with existing customers. Through engaging and memorable personal experiences people connect to brands and make intelligent and informed purchasing decisions. We aren’t just about challenging opinions and per-conceptions, but we communicate face to face and promote positive dialogues.

Our experiential marketing campaigns are renowned for bringing brands closer to their target markets thanks to our award winning creative and seamless processes.


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